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Nieuwsbrief 2

Nieuwsbrief 2

Nieuwsbrief 2
Nieuwsbrief 2 Nieuwsbrief 2 Nieuwsbrief 2 Nieuwsbrief 2

Nieuwsbrief 2

Geplaatst op 19-4-2021 door Marpytoys
Finally the second newsletter!

Why have we been keeping you all waiting for an update? Well, as mentioned in the previous newsletter  my regular job is very demanding, while Marpytoys is still a beloved hobby.
After we received a lot of positive feedback over the DS tech expo model car project we decided to bring it to the next level. As a result of that we redesigned practically all of the already developed parts. There were two major reasons for that.
Firstly, it's okay for the prototype development to have a little additional work to do on some parts before assembly, but doing that for a majority of the parts means it takes forever to complete a series. The second argument was that we were convinced that it was possiblie to improve the 3D-printing quality significantly. Therefore we invested a lot of time to get a better understanding of the material to use for the printed parts and the physics of the printer itself.
Furthermore we collected a lot of photo's, drawings and other source material to better understand how specific parts work. With that extra knowledge we were able to improve the size and position of all parts in the model car. If you are going to buy the do-it-yourself package you should be able to make something out of it without redoing all our efforts.
Consequently the number of parts grew, the printed results improved, and the overall result became much better.

Of course not all was a success in one attempt, and even when trying to print as neat as possible, some overhead is produced while printing.

Currently the preparations leading to a release to the market is coming closer every day, there are however some challenges left open.
On the top of the list we expect a lot of customers would be interested in the ready-built model car. To keep the end-price reasonable, it would surely help if we could find some more white DS base model cars of Norev, because our own stock is low and this particular color is out of production. If you have or know where we could find a few, please share and contact us. It is simply much easier to modify a white body into the tech-version, then having to repaint it as well (which would drive up the price).
From what we presented so far, you would assume the car is already ripped apart completely, but that is not true. For a repaint job we need to take it even further apart, do the paint-job and re-assemble it to the "cut-version" we have already prepared with the cars we found in our own stock still present.

So we kindly ask your cooperation for this.

Last we need to put together an assembly instruction. We thought it would be a good idea to give some background of how it all started, what we had to overcome, and of course how to do it yourself in a small photobook.
As this is still under construction, the printer is still printing, and the packing is not completed, we ask for a little more patience for the release.

We hope you like our project,
Kind regards, Peter IJpema.



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