About Marpytoys

Back in the day I had my driving lessons in a 2CV, there my Citroën journey started. Something clicked and ever since, I rooted for the brand. From my first to my current car, my hobbys and my holidays; all Citroën and Citroën only. I’m truly running on a chronic version of the Citroën virus.
Years ago I started collecting miniatures for myself. Various commercials and special real cars inspired me to create those in scaled versions. For a while I did everything at home, first in the attic, but that was soon too small. I did the plastic molding for small parts and spray painting all at home, which showed itself in the living room. When the boxes started to barricade our bed, my wife and I decided to move to a bigger house. As expected it was just a matter of time before that solution did not work anymore.

The Xsara Picasso special based on the 
The trading part of Marpytoys moved out to a nearby place, while the crafting stayed with me at home.