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Nieuwsbrief 1

Geplaatst op 26-12-2020 door marpytoys
First, I want to thank you for subscribing to this website.

Sometimes it takes a while to get started, but as a hardworking employee in a regular job, you don't always find the time to get your hobby website up and running. As you may have noticed, some Norev miniatures are now made available in the site. Also of course all Marpytoys own brand items are published in here and we (that is my web-master daughter and I) will try to get more of our stock published in here.

Also we are thrilled that we get more and more better results from our 3D-printer, we can use in our products.
Good example is the metal-issue you could have with some Norev models, where the zamac-material is degrading and we offer a printer replacement section. I refer to the published Xsara Picasso
, but we can adjust it to many other.

The most recent is the achievement of creating the wheels (rim and tire) for the forumchti-modelcar Oltcit-cabriolet, that is released recently. Many details in a scale 1:43 rim by a 3D-printer is the challenge here and we think we pulled it off.

Latest releases at Marpytoys-exclusives:
- E-Mehari Castelbajac [kit or ready build]
- Visa Sextant [kit or ready build]

Next to come in the "Gamme Marpytoys" is the following listing:
- Citroen DS technical exibition vehicle, scale 1:18.
- Citroen C5 Carlsson berline and break 1:43. 

Sneak preview of the DS-Tech, sub-assy, in parts of engine bay, with the adjusted base.

Please check also our blog from the website, or directly:

Last we wish you some nice days at the end of this special year and a prosperous  start with the new year.

Met vriendelijke groeten, Kind regards, Cordialement,
Peter IJpema, Marpytoys

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